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CityHousing Hamilton releases its Strategic Plan 2017-2021 - Read More (7.3MB)


 For Immediate Release - April 11, 2017

CityHousing Hamilton received approval to sell 100 homes...Read More

CityHousing Hamilton lauded for excellence in tenant relations

 OTTAWA, Nov. 17, 2014 /CNW/ - CityHousing Hamilton (CHH) was honoured with the Award for Excellence at the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association's (ONPHA) annual conference.More...

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Tenant Centred Approach to Stewardship, Community and Growth

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 CityHousing Hamilton is the Housing Corporation owned and operated by the City of Hamilton. As of January 1, 2006, Hamilton Housing Corporation, Dundas Valley Non-Profit Housing Corporation, and the Municipal Non-Profit (Hamilton) Corporation were amalgamated into CityHousing Hamilton (CHH) Corporation. 

CHH consists of almost 7,000 units spread over 1,265 properties with over 13,000 residents, 45% of which are children, speaking more than 30 first languages making CityHousing Hamilton the 4th largest municipally controlled housing provider in Ontario.  With First Place Hamilton joining the family later this year(2008), CHH will then become the 3rd largest housing provider in Ontario.

These units represent an estimated asset value of approximately $350 million and a total replacement value of $500 million. The annual operating budget for CityHousing Hamilton is $45 million.  With 121 full time professional staff, the City of Hamilton’s Housing Division manages CityHousing Hamilton. Property management services are provided by in-house staff.

Our Mission

We provide affordable housing that is safe, well maintained, cost effective and that supports the diverse needs of our many communities.

Our Housing Communities

CityHousing Hamilton provides housing to families, seniors, couples, single people and people with special needs in a variety of housing forms including townhouses, apartments, single and semi-detached dwellings. Most of the housing is available on a rent-geared-to-income basis, however some projects offer market rent units as well

Our Goals

Create Financial Sustainability – Ensure that CityHousing Hamilton has sufficient capital to invest in buildings to minimize the impact on City of Hamilton taxpayers.

Maintain and Improve Building Conditions - Ensure that the CityHousing Hamilton portfolio is managed effectively and sensitively and is in a good state of repair to meet the affordable housing requirements of Hamilton residents now and in the future.

Create Healthy, Secure Communities -